Monday, October 17, 2016

October Wilcox Life

Just for you Dad!

So these are pics from that couple of weeks. That's right, recent pictures!! I was beginning to forget that my kids were so grown up! Enjoy!

Jayden is currently reading Harry Potter so I had to splurge while in Las Vegas and by him a chocolate frog and Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans. He went straight for the booger flavor...

Happy Birthday Dallin! Lacey was a saint and let us go on a date. What did we get? Hamburgers, of course!

Jayden's school had a Fundraiser Color Dash. It rained just prior to the run so they were caked in color and mud but had a great time!

Ruby trying out her bed. This was our first time not taking a pack-n-play and she did pretty good and actually stayed in her own space all night. Yay for no extras in my sleeping bag!
Reading Harry Potter in a hammock. Does it get any better?

Everybody went on a little hike and I lounged in the reclining chair all alone. I may become a camper after all...!

We stopped on the way home at The Apple Store! This was an Apple Store Dallin could support. All things apple: pie, ice cream, turnovers, butter, etc. It was divine. Did I mention they had burgers? Yeah, it was Dallin heaven.

Phones like in Brasil!!!
 Jayden's school also did a bike rodeo. Nothing like cramming all activities into just a few days! Ruby and I headed over to the school once again
She brought her new found camera to take pictures (aka my very ancient ipod mini)

When the girls have free time, we shop! Binkies and blingy boots, what else is there in life?!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Next: Idaho!!

A little side trip to Cabelas in Reno. Had to stretch those legs!
After the beach we pushed Dallin out at the airport in San Jose to go back home to work for a week (it's call Go Fund Me aka Dad works, so Mom and kids can play!) Lacey and I roadtripped across Nevada to Brady's house. We crashed there very quickly as we rolled in at about 2am and kiddos were up again at 6:30... I was exhausted and just wanted to get to my parents house so my mom could take care of me :) So we said good bye to Lacey and off we drove some more to good old Twin Falls. Idaho never looked so good!

Naps and a good night sleep=the need for a happy selfie!
She loves her Princess dress from GG!
Any time we hopped in the car, this happened. We weren't partying hard or anything...
Part of visiting home is eating at all the restaurants I miss. Ruby was right on board with this! That girl can eat! Her cousin Emmett... not that much. It was so funny watching small little Ruby pound all food that was in front of her, while much larger Emmett ate much less. She even ate her meal plus his sometime. Ha!

Not an ice cream drop can go to waste!
Speaking of Ruby and Emmett...She just adored the snuggles and love he wanted to give. Ha!
An evening of motorcycle rides.

Ruby wasn't feeling that brave
And a trip to Twin would not be complete without a visit to the "fun park"

We had a great time and were so glad that Grandma and Grandpa took such good care of us. Off to Utah to see Dad, but don't worry Idaho. We're not done with you!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Next Stop: Santa Cruz. Take Me Back!

Ahh, the beach. This was my favorite part of the trip. It felt like straight out a post card and was just so magical. The weather was amazing. Low to mid 80s, sunny, and barely a breeze. Perfection.

Blaine and Leslie rented a house right. on. the. beach.  The was the view from the back porch:
You can see the ladder on the left that goes over the sea wall down to the beach.
Dallin and his brothers we like teenage boys again (which led to a little discussion about current fatherly responsibilities from the wives, but was mostly ok...). It was so fun to see all the boogie boarding, swimming, and kayaking.
Look Mom, I'm Sandy Claus!
And this is only Day 1. Poor little boy fell asleep at dinner and slept until the next morning
We decided one morning to venture to the little aquarium in Santa Cruz. It was the perfect size to entertain us all and yet keep kids corralled.

There was shark petting:

This is Ruby's face at even the suggestion that she perhaps get over her fear of animals and touch the shark...No Way!
They also had an area to touch other sea life like star fish.
Asher could have stayed there for a very long time...

Cool skeleton from a blue whale!
And then more beach time again!

Dallin convinced me to do a little boogie boarding. I was not a natural...

One early morning, all my boys, Brady, and GG went to visit the tide pools. The little boys LOVED it. I don't think the big boys had a bad time either. Ha!
See? Magical...

We also visited the Santa Cruz Boardwalk one evening. My kids are used to rides because of Six Flags and had a ball with no fear what so ever!

Family Photo on the Beach!

It was a great 4 days spent relaxing, living in swim suits, and being together. What a wonderful way to remember the Folletts and the legacy and memories they left us with. Let's do this again ok?!